Under 30

For many people, their twenties are a time of change. Graduating, securing your first job, buying a house and moving in with a partner can all happen in the space of a few years.

In a very short space of time you can go from having nothing to having a lot, but despite this rapid increase in responsibility, many people do not think about protecting their assets and their family’s future by making a will.

Under the intestacy rules, if an unmarried person without children dies without leaving a will, his or her assets will go to his/her parents (or if he/she has no living parents, then to other relatives). This might be fine while you continue to be dependent on your parents but on achieving financial independence and acquiring some assets of your own, you may begin to think differently especially if your parents are themselves already wealthy.

You may decide to make gifts into trust for the benefit of other family members, young nieces and nephews perhaps or even to a favourite charity.

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