Is it expensive to make a will?

The answer to this is generally no. Some organisations may not charge very much at all for a basic will. However, it is worth asking whether the advisor is a solicitor member of STEP.

Solicitors who are members of STEP have undergone rigorous training and professional development to maintain his/her expertise in the field. STEP members spend their professional lives working with families and tackling real problems. Whilst such quality advice may impact on the cost of your will you can be rest assured that it has been prepared in accordance with the STEP code for will preparation in England & Wales.

Many people fail to prepare a will for themselves because of a fear of cost. DIY wills may appear a far cheaper alternative (especially online wills) and whilst attractive on price they offer disastrous results if errors are made during the construction of the will or the strict execution rules are not followed correctly.

Ineffective and poorly drafted homemade wills are to blame for drawn out probate proceedings for thousands of families every year. A significant proportion of the deceased’s estate can be actually be consumed by the legal fees as a result of the ineffective will. Such mistakes can cost tens of thousands of pounds. A professionally drawn will in most cases will cost several hundred pounds.

By instructing a solicitor, preferably one that is STEP qualified solicitor, you will have the peace of mind that your will has been prepared by an expert in the field.

For anything further, one of our specialists would be delighted to meet you either in our office or in your own home to talk through your requirements and answer any questions. Please contact us at any time.