Domicile and foreign assets

Domicile is used to connect an individual to a place and in turn permit the law governing that place to apply to an individual. It is a concept which is distinct from residence, nationality and citizenship. In very simple terms, an individual is domiciled in the territory with which the law regards him/her as having his/her most permanent connection.

If an individual dies domiciled in the UK then, subject to certain exemption and reliefs, inheritance tax (IHT) is payable on the whole of his/her estate throughout the world.

Conversely, if an individual dies domiciled outside the UK IHT will only arise on his/her assets in the UK only.

If you were born or have significant, long-term residential or business connections outside the UK, this may have tax and administration implications. A solicitor can advise you about these complex issues and how it could affect your will.

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