When it comes to planning for the future, we take the time to listen to your wishes and put forward the best course of action to ensure you make the most of your assets for future generations.

In our experience, many people avoid trusts, in the mistaken belief that they are the exclusive preserve of the seriously wealthy.

However, trusts can be a very effective way to control your assets, either during your lifetime or after your death. They should also play a key part in your tax planning strategy. Trusts can also be very simple, for example, money can be held for someone until they reach the age of 18, 21 or 25 or they can be more flexible to allow the trustees to make the decision and allow them to take a beneficiary’s circumstances into account before releasing assets to them.

Trusts are, however, one of the more difficult areas of law and our knowledge and years of experience simplify the process for you.

For anything further, one of our specialists would be delighted to meet you either in our office or in your own home to talk through your requirements and answer any questions. Please contact us at any time.