Sintons Trust Corporation

Choosing an executor, trustee, attorney or deputy

Deciding who to appoint to a position of responsibility, such as the executor of your estate or as your attorney, is an important one. Family and friends may not always be willing, or appropriate, to act in such a role and you may be concerned about conflicts between family members arising in the future.

If that is the case you may want to consider appointing an independent executor, trustee or attorney. Here we explain how Sintons Trust Corporation may be able to assist.

What is Sintons Trust Corporation?

Sintons Trust Corporation Limited (STC) is an independent trust company wholly owned by Sintons LLP, a leading law firm located in Newcastle upon Tyne, but working for clients across the UK. STC is run by its directors, who are all solicitors and partners of Sintons LLP.

STC is separately authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority with SRA number 653525. STC is covered by the professional indemnity insurance of Sintons LLP.

How can Sintons Trust Corporation help me?

STC can be appointed to act as:

  • The Executor of your estate under your will;
  • A Trustee of a Trust;
  • Your Attorney under a general or Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA); or
  • A Deputy for an individual who has lost the mental capacity to manage their affairs (appointed by the Court of Protection).

STC can be appointed solely or jointly with an individual or individuals.

As an attorney under a LPA or as a Court appointed Deputy, STC can only act in property and financial affairs matters and not in health and welfare cases (as such roles must be taken by individuals).

Why choose Sintons Trust Corporation?

There are many advantages to choosing STC:

  • Continuity – A director of STC will always be available, which avoids the issues which can arise with holiday periods or the death or incapacity of an individual appointee
  • Experience and Expertise – The directors of STC are all themselves skilled lawyers and have access to the broad range of legal knowledge at Sintons LLP, who are on-hand to advise them
  • Independence – A professional trustee can remove themselves from the emotional side of trust management and estate administration (which may affect family members or close friends) and remain impartial and objective in times of conflict

How does STC charge for its services?

STC does not charge for acting as an executor, trustee or attorney. Instead, STC instructs Sintons LLP to act on its behalf. Sintons LLP will then invoice STC for the work undertaken, as with any other client. If appointed jointly then Sintons LLP will need to have any invoices approved by both STC and the jointly appointed person.

Costs information and updates will be provided to the beneficiaries of your estate or trust as appropriate.