Recovery of misappropriated assets

Following a person’s death, their personal representatives or the beneficiaries of their estate may become aware of missing assets that were expected to be in the estate.

Missing assets often only come to light following a person’s death. It may be that funds have been transferred without the deceased’s knowledge or consent during their lifetime. It could also be that assets have been taken shortly after the deceased’s death, whether personal possessions or monies. Alternatively, it may be that the deceased was unduly influenced into making a lifetime transfer.

Whether a beneficiary or a personal representative, we can advise you and seek the return of misappropriated assets. As specialists in disputed probate matters, we have the necessary skills and experience to advise you and try to reach a resolution at the earliest opportunity. We can also consider other action that may be involved such as removing a personal representative where they have acting inappropriately or contrary to their duties.

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