Locating missing wills

Where the original will (or any codicil) can not be found after the testator’s death an application may be made for leave by the court to allow a copy of the will in order to obtain the grant of representation.

Searches should be made of the deceased’s professional advisors; usually solicitors, accountants, financial advisors and banks. The deceased may have deposited his/her will at the Principal Registry or lodged a record with Certainty.

Adverts of a missing will can also be placed in the newspapers and the legal press. If a will is found, the executors must consider the possibility that the deceased may have executed a later will or codicil revoking the terms of the earlier will.

When a will cannot be found the law states that it is presumed to have been destroyed. It is therefore a matter for beneficiaries of the missing will to prove that it has not been revoked. An application can be made to the court to ask if a copy of the will or, in the absence of a copy, other evidence can be accepted in place of the original.

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