General power of attorney

If you want someone to look after your financial affairs for a short period of time or on a temporary basis, for example to sell a house on your behalf whilst you are abroad, you can give them a general or ordinary power of attorney.

It is very important that you do not use an ordinary power of attorney if:

  • you have been diagnosed with a mental health problem or other disease which can lead to mental incapacity; &
  • you think you may develop a mental health problem or other disease which can lead to mental incapacity.

This is because your attorney will be unable to continue using the ordinary power of attorney if you lose your mental capacity. Under these circumstances, it is more appropriate to create a lasting power of attorney. If you do not create a lasting power of attorney and you later lose mental capacity then your loved ones may need to make an application to the court of protection to be appointed as your deputy. An application for the appointment of a deputy can be a long and costly process at a time when urgent decisions may need to be made on your behalf for example accessing your savings to pay for your care and other such bills.

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