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    Risk Factors

    Before you proceed with this agreement you first must consider whether domestic abuse could be present or has been in your relationship.

    Domestic abuse is an incident or series of incidents of behaviour which is controlling, coercive, threatening or violent in nature.

    The definition is very wide ranging and can include but it is not limited to the following:

    • Physical violence

    • Sexual abuse

    • Psychological or emotional abuse

    • Financial control

    • Coercive behaviour

    Other risk factors include drug or alcohol misuse, child abuse or other safety or welfare concerns.

    If you believe that you are experiencing or have experienced any of the above, you should not continue with this agreement and instead seek legal advice.

    The Current Arrangements

    Your preferred arrangements

    The other parent’s preferred arrangements


    Where possible children should be left out of any decision-making processes. Their views will begin to hold weight when they reach adolescence.

    As part of your separation, the adults should consider the following, which should make the transition easier:

    • Who will be responsible for dropping off and collecting? Where will that take place?

    • If you have other commitments when the children are with you, will they stay with family members or the other parent?

    • GP and dentist appointments – who will arrange and take?

    • Vaccines – which do you agree upon?

    • Will there be a need for telephone or video calls with the other parent when the child is not with them? Should this be the same time on a particular day?

    • Who will pay for and organise school uniform, wrap around care and holiday clubs?

    • School trips – who will pay, where is reasonable to go?

    • Access to technology – how much screen time each day, what age is a phone appropriate?

    • New partners – how long should the relationship be before they are introduced to the children?

    • Moving house – do you need to discuss location?

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