Why we should all do our bit to tackle homelessness

Mark Quigley, managing partner of Sintons, is taking part in the CEO Sleepout in Durham, a national initiative which sees senior business figures sleep out for the night, to raise money to support the homeless and those living in poverty. Here, he shares his reasons for deciding to take part in the event

“There is a growing inequality in our society and, given the wealth in the country as a whole, it simply cannot be right that there are so many people sleeping rough on our streets. Recently, I was in Manchester for a meeting, and within a couple of minutes of leaving the train station, I had been stopped probably a dozen times by people asking for money. I think, for me, that really helped to highlight the scale of the problem we are facing. These are not just ‘homeless people’ – these are individuals with their own stories and reasons for being in the situation they find themselves, and it is truly awful that they should have to make their beds on pavements. This should not be happening in our society.

“I am a great believer in equality for all and that everyone should be given the rights and opportunities to enable them to make the most of themselves and to aspire to do what they want with their lives – and one of the most basic rights is to have a roof over our heads and a place to call home. Without this basic level of security, it is almost impossible for people to realise their full potential, and I believe anyone who is in a position to help should do so, by whatever means that may be.

“I have been aware of the CEO Sleepout project for a few years, and the money it has raised to help charities fighting homelessness, and particularly the profile it has given to the issue, is hugely commendable. CEO Sleepout has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds, all of which is making a difference in local communities all over the country, helping people rebuild their lives and give them the chances to succeed which we all deserve.

“Thankfully, my sleepout in Durham on April 30 will be just for one night, but for so many people these days it is a dreadful reality for which it may seem no end is in sight. We must all commit to helping to change this and I am very pleased to do my bit to help homeless people in my native North East.”

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