Tinnitus Awareness Week

This week is Tinnitus Awareness Week (Monday 2nd – Sunday 8th February 2015).

Tinnitus can affect anyone at any time. It is very common. Tinnitus is a sound you hear inside your head. Sometimes it’s buzzing or ringing or a whooshing or humming sound. It can be constant or may come and go, occur in one ear or both. Sometimes it keeps time with your heartbeat.

Some people hardly notice it, others find it upsetting but there are things you can do to help prevent it, and treat it if it does happen. In most cases Tinnitus improves or even goes away with time because the brain ‘forgets’ it’s listening to the sound. But, if you are worried about it, see your GP.

One of the main causes of Tinnitus and noise-related hearing loss is exposure to loud and excessive noise such as those from heavy equipment, chain saws and firearms. Portable music devices, such as MP3 players or iPods, also can cause noise-related hearing loss if played loudly for long periods.

For more information you can also visit the British Tinnitus Association’s website.

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