£20k Industrial Deafness Settlement for Liverpool Man

A man whose hearing was damaged through years of exposure to extreme noise while working in an industrial environment has been awarded over £20,000 in compensation.

John Ensall worked for a marine engineering company for eleven years from 1970, fitting fire and safety equipment in factories and ships’ engine and boiler rooms. Although he endured significant noise levels on an almost daily basis, he was offered no ear protection, hearing tests or medical support.

In recent years, the 67 year old, from Wallasey, has suffered partial hearing loss and a whistling noise in his ears, which medical examination revealed to be due to noise exposure from his employment more than 20 years previously.

As a result, Mr Ensall, who was represented by law firm Sintons, lodged a claim against his former employer and secured a settlement of £20,230.75. The need for Mr Ensall to wear an inner ear hearing aid was factored in to the amount he received.

Mr Ensall said: “Throughout the time I worked there, I had to endure the most horrendous noise, I’ve never known noise like it. At that time, there were so few jobs, that if you walked away from one, you probably wouldn’t find another, so I had to tolerate it for my family. Thank goodness people don’t have to put up with that these days.

“My hearing problems and whistling noise in my ears started only two or three years ago. It has really badly affected me, and I found I could no longer do all those things you take for granted, like being able to hear the doorbell or following the dialogue at the theatre or cinema. It has impacted on my confidence, and I often don’t engage in conversations as I can’t always hear what is being said by others.

“When I received a leaflet through the door offering a hearing test, I recognised some of the symptoms it described as my own. I’ve never worked in a noisy environment before or since, so knew it must have come from my time with my former company.

“Although my hearing has deteriorated a lot in the past two or three years, and I know I’ll have to live with that now, I am delighted with my settlement. I will now be able to get an inner ear hearing aid, which will help me greatly. Sintons were superb from start to finish, and I would certainly urge other people who have worked in similar environments to me in the past to get their hearing checked.”

Mark Quigley, Partner and Head of the Personal Injury department at Sintons in Newcastle, said: “We are very pleased to help Mr Ensall secure this settlement, which comes after many years of him being exposed to extreme noise in the workplace.

“The amount he has received will help him and his family significantly, and we would urge others who think they have been affected in a similar way to take a hearing test to see if they too would qualify.”

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