Sexual Entertainment Venues

A sexual entertainment venue is a premises at which relevant entertainment is provided before a live audience for the financial gain of the organiser or entertainer unless an exemption applies.

Each element of the definition will need to be defined and considered in turn to decide whether sexual entertainment is being provided or whether an exemption applies.

Generally such venues are either dedicated lap dancing/table dancing venues, whose main business is the provision of sexual entertainment, or licensed venues which offer sexual entertainment on specified days or during specified times. The latter may offer striptease before or after local football matches or on weekend days when stag parties are in town.

It is possible to provide a limited amount of sexual entertainment under the exemption of ‘frequency’ without the need for a licence.

Sexual entertainment is exempt from the need for a licence if the sexual entertainment being provided takes place on no more than 11 occasions within any period of 12 months, provided that each occasion lasts no loner than 24 hours and that there is a gap of at least one calendar month between each occasion. This exemption will generally cater for the odd strip tease in a bar for a stag party without the operator having to go to the expense of having to obtain a licence.

Licensing Authorities will attach a number of conditions to a sexual entertainment venue licence. These tend to be standard depending on whether the venue is a dedicated sexual entertainment venue or provides such entertainment occasionally. However, additional conditions specific to individual premises may also be added to a licence.

The process of applying for a sexual entertainment licence is standard for all sex establishments.

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