Marriage Approval For Licensing Premises

Marriage or civil partnership ceremonies may take place in buildings which are licensed to allow civil marriage ceremonies to take place.

These buildings are often hotels or stately homes but can be more unusual venues such as cinemas, galleries or football stadiums. Civil ceremonies may not have a religious content and are attended by a registrar.

Before granting a licence the local authority officer will require details of the rooms/area in which the marriages may take place. It is usually a requirement that in addition to the room in which the ceremony will take place, additional space be made available for the purpose of the ceremony. The officer may wish to carry out a site visit prior to considering the application. It is, therefore, important to consider the space available to you before applying.

The process of applying varies from licensing authority to licensing authority. However, usually the application is made by submitting an appropriate application form together with a plan of the premises, a fee and details of fire risk assessment and public liability insurance details. There is also a period during which objections can be raised (usually 21 days). Some authorities also require notice to be publicised in the press or elsewhere.

Marriage or civil partnership approvals are granted for a period of 3 years and must be renewed within a specified time, usually between 3 and 6 month prior to the renewal dates.

Conditions are often attached to the approval and if they are breached the approval may be revoked. Any changes to the premises or a change of personnel in charge of the venue may need to be notified to the authority as and when they occur.

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