Gaming Machines

Premises which have the benefit of a premises licence or club premises certificate may be permitted to provide a limited number of gaming machines.

Pubs or bars may provide 2 machines of category C or D If they provide notification of their intention to do so and pay the appropriate fee to the Licensing Authority (local council). This is an automatic entitlement subject to notification.

Such premises may offer more machines of the same category if they apply to the Licensing Authority for a gaming machine permit. The application for a permit is by way of submission of an application form and payment of the appropriate fee.

Qualifying clubs may apply for a permit to supply a maximum of 3 machines in categories B3A or B4 to D. Only one of the 3 machines may be a B3A machine. An application form must be submitted for this permit and the appropriate fee paid to the Licensing Authority.

Permits can be transferred from party to party but notifications cannot. If a new owner wishes to have the benefit of providing up to 2 gaming machines under the automatic entitlement rules they must submit a new notification to the Licensing Authority and pay the appropriate fee.

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