Gambling Premises Licence

In order to operate a business offering gambling from a premises an operator will require a premises licence. A premises licence would not be needed to offer online gambling.

A premises licence is issued by the local Licensing Authority. The operator must have or have applied for an operating licence from the Gambling Commission before applying for a premises licence.

The application process is by submission of an application to the Licensing Authority with copies being served on other Authorities. The application must be advertised on the premises and in the press and an application fee submitted.

The licence once granted may have conditions attached to it and the layout plan submitted with the application will be the approved layout and may not change without consent.

Applications for variations may be submitted once the licence is granted. The variation application process is very similar to new premises licence application.

The Gambling Commission must be informed of any application for premises licence or any variations to that.

The Licensing Authority, any of the responsible bodies and others, have the right to review a licence if they believe there is non-compliance, the licence holder is unsuitable or because they consider a review to be appropriate. The powers the Authority have under review range from taking no action to revocation of the licence. In addition criminal proceedings may be taken.

In view of the technical nature of the application process we would advise operators to take legal advice before submitting an application to avoid wasted costs and delay.

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