Gambling Personal Licence

For those wishing to operate a business offering gambling, in addition to applying for an operating licence the operator may also require one or more personal licences.

Personal licences are issued by the Gambling Commission. There are two types of personal licences that may need to be applied for: a personal management licence and a personal functional licence.

A personal management licence must be held by anyone who is responsible within the business for the following:

  • Overall strategy and delivery of gambling operations;
  • Financial planning, control and budgeting;
  • Marketing and commercial development;
  • Regulatory compliance;
  • Gambling related IT provision and security;
  • Management of the licensed activity for a particular area in Great Britain where you have 5 or more sets of premises for which you hold a premises licence;
  • Management of a single set of casino licensed premises;
  • Management of a single set of bingo licensed premises; &
  • Nominated officer for anti-money laundering and associated purposes for a casino operator.

Applications for personal management licences should be submitted at the same time as applying for an operating licence. Until the Gambling Commission has issued the personal management licence a person cannot carry out any of the responsibilities that the licence would allow.

There are exceptions to the need for obtaining a personal management licence. If you are a small scale operator you may not need to obtain such licence. A small scale operator is someone who has 3 people or fewer in relevant management positions in the business and they are all named on the operating licence.

Personal function licences may be required if an operator is providing casino facilities.

Casino employees will have to apply for a personal functional licence if they are involved in gaming or handling cash in relation to gambling. This covers employees such as dealers/croupiers, cashiers, inspectors, pit bosses/gaming supervisors and security staff/surveillance related to gambling activities.

The Gambling Commission have the right to review a licence if they believe there is non-compliance, the licence holder is unsuitable or because the Commission considers a review appropriate. The powers the Commission have under review range from issuing a warning to revocation of the licence and imposing a financial penalty. In addition criminal proceedings may be taken.

Applications for personal licences are made to the Gambling Commission by submission of an application form. Detailed information will need to be provided with regard to the individual including a DBS (CRB) check. It is a detailed process and we would advise that you take legal advice before submitting an application.

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