Enforcement action may be taken against those who fail to obtain the appropriate licences or permissions require to provide regulated activities.

Enforcement action will also be taken against those who breach the conditions and restrictions on their licences or permissions.

Local authority enforcement officers are tasked with inspecting and reviewing licence holders and their premises regularly to ensure compliance.

If issues arise it is usual for officers to highlight their concerns and allow a reasonable time for the operator to remedy the issue. However, failure to respond or significant breaches will lead to formal enforcement action being taken. Such action could involve prosecution and review of permissions leading to revocation and potentially closure of businesses.

It is vital to take any threat of enforcement seriously and to act quickly. As soon as you are aware of potential enforcement issues it is essential to seek urgent legal advice.

As licensing specialists we can advise on enforcement issues at any stage. However, it is always easier to avoid heavier sanctions if we are involved at the outset rather than once formal processes of enforcement have been engaged.

If we can assist you in any way, or if you simply want to discuss any licensing & gambling issue, please contact us at any time.