Intellectual Property

Would you leave the office without locking the front door?

Most businesses carefully lock away their physical assets. However, for many businesses, one of their most valuable assets, their intellectual property (“IP”), often receives little or no protection.

Virtually every business, in every sector, has IP which is sufficiently valuable to consider protecting properly.

There are many positive reasons to protect your IP:

  • You can protect new or improved products and take action against those who attempt to copy them;
  • You might decide to sell or licence your IP for profit;
  • Investors will want to know you really do own the legal rights to your IP; &
  • If you sell your business, your IP assets may well be central to the transaction.

Our IP specialists can help your business take a proactive approach. Solid protection put properly in place at the right time makes strong commercial sense, helps safeguard your business and could create new opportunities.

If we can assist you in any way, or if you simply want to discuss any intellectual property issue, please contact us at any time.