Domain Name disputes

In the boundary-less, 24/7 world of the internet, domain names have become valuable commodities.

Unlike trademarks, each domain name is unique. These disputes might typically also involve trademark infringement or passing off.

We are experts in dealing with disputes as to:

  • Cybersquatting – the most common form of dispute involving the registrant having registered a name, or names, in bad faith to gain some commercial advantage;
  • Concurrent rights – who has the ‘right’ to have the domain name registered. There is often pressure to be the first to register a domain name. Sometimes this can involve what is called Reverse Domain Name Hijacking where companies with trade marks have tried to bully legitimate registrants out of attractive domain names; &
  • Gripe sites – where a web domain is created with the sole intention to ‘bad-mouth’ a business or person.

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