GP Mergers – Support

Our assistance begins at the outset with initial discussions between practices to establish their suitability for merger.

We help practices understand each other’s goals and needs and develop common objectives and procedures for working together. We will help you in teasing out any reservations that may exist and address them head on at the outset.

We assist our merging clients to review the status and suitability of their existing premises and, where required, identify a new site for development.

In working closely with each practice, we can support you in establishing an agreed approach to announcing a merger decision to employees and patient participation groups. We can thereafter assist you to form the necessary links to enable greater integration between staff members in preparation for the merger.

We assist our merging clients in developing a set of joint proposals and structure to draw out factors for success and identify any risks at an early stage. We are able to help you work through your proposals with all partners and staff to ensure the maximum amount of buy in by all.

Our healthcare team have very strong relationships with other healthcare specialist professionals such as accountants, funders and surveyors and we will bring in their expertise at the time required in the process. It is important to the success of the merger for practices to obtain expert advice from experienced professionals with a successful track record of assisting with GP collaborations. We will provide a one stop shop for all your needs in merging by working as a team with your other professional advisors.

It is imperative that work begins on a joint partnership agreement at an early stage and we will work with you through the agreement to determine key issues such as decision-making, holidays, sickness, private commitments, service delivery and property ownership.

Merging practices will need to liaise with both NHS England and the CCG at an early stage and we can facilitate those discussions where required. We can advise you on how and when to engage with each organisation to ensure their respective approvals processes are satisfied in a timely fashion, which can often present a delay to the merger if not managed correctly.

If you require any further information, one of our team of healthcare specialist lawyers would be pleased to talk through your requirements and answer any questions. Please contact us at any time.