Our Service

At Sintons we pride ourselves on providing specialist legal advice and an excellent client service.

The Family team recognise that being able to build an immediate and strong rapport with our clients is essential.

Whatever your family issue, emotions can run high, and it is often a big step to engage a legal representative.

We acknowledge that every family unit is unique and as such we aim to offer a bespoke and understanding approach. By balancing expert legal advice with support, we strive to earn our client’s trust from the outset. Discretion for us is paramount.

The team will guide you through the different stages of your process from start to finish and be on hand to answer any queries or address any concerns you may have. We are also alive to the fact that when dealing with these types of matters, there is usually more involved than just the law which is why we have built strong links with other professionals who can support you through your matter.

Whilst we specialise in Family Law, being part of a full-service law firm allows us to access immediate legal advice from other departments to assist in your case. We regularly work with the Corporate and Commercial department, the Serious Injury and Court of Protection departments and the Employment and Private Client Teams. This is the beauty of being part of a full-service law firm; our clients do not have to forge new relationships with other firms should the need arise for advice in these other areas.

Our day-to-day work involves:

  • liaising with litigants in person, family members or other solicitors and Counsel via various channels;
  • drafting legal documents;
  • advising our clients and negotiating on their behalf to achieve a settlement; and
  • representation at Court.

Members of our team are also collaboratively trained. The collaborative process involves round table meetings with parties and their representatives with the aim of reaching a conclusion which is best for the family overall.

For anything further, one of our specialists would be delighted to meet you to talk through your options and answer any questions. Please contact us at any time.