Negotiation is the most traditional and common form of resolving matters in a family law setting whether you are dealing with a separation, divorce or dissolution, children matters or anything else.

It is important to instruct a solicitor to negotiate matters on your behalf to obtain the most appropriate advice as to determine a fair outcome.

During negotiation, you will be asked for some background to put the matter into context. You will need to provide a view of the current situation and you will also be advised to obtain relevant paperwork to assist in the process.

The advice given which will help in the negotiation process, will take into account how a Court would view the matter should the case ever end up in that forum.

Negotiations can also be undertaken in a collaborative setting. In this process the parties and their legal representatives would meet together to discuss the best way forward for the family.


  • Effective tool and often achieves the desired outcome
  • It can keep legal costs down as other options can be more expensive
  • You do not have to be in direct contact with the person. Your legal representative will deal with the correspondence and drafting
  • The process can be concluded quickly in some circumstances.


  • Could be frustrating if the other person seems to be delaying matters unnecessarily
  • There is not much one can do to force matters during the negotiation process which is undertaken voluntarily by nature
  • An agreed outcome may not be reached meaning that subsequent to the negotiation process, you will still need to embark on one of the alternative ways to resolve matters.

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