Award winning Family Law Team. We are one of the most trusted, respected, and experienced teams in the North of England.

We offer an effective, discreet, professional, and cost-effective service.

Our working spaces are located in Newcastle upon Tyne and York although we have a national and international client base which appreciate our commitment to our virtual platform.

Sintons is a full-service law firm meaning that the Family Team have direct and immediate access to other areas of legal expertise which can be crucial when there is say, a family company, which needs to be considered.

Our client base is extensive, particularly from the professions and members of the business community and a high majority of our clients are via personal recommendation. Whilst it is unlikely (although not impossible) that we would receive instructions from the same client twice, it is extremely important to the team and the firm that we establish a good working relationship moving forward.

As part of our initial meeting, we will take an holistic approach to determine the most suitable route for your family. This could include mediation, collaborative practice or input from a Family Consultant. Although we will do our utmost to facilitate settlement, our team are adept litigators and regularly conclude cases through Private FDRs and Family Arbitration.

Prior to an initial meeting with our team, we would invite you to access our virtual platform and access and complete the various tools which will enhance your experience and help to ensure our commitment to you and your case.

For anything further, one of our specialists would be delighted to meet you to talk through your options and answer any questions. Please contact us at any time.