Arrangements for Children

Unfortunately, when families separate, there can often be disagreement not only about the arrangements for the children but specific decisions relating to them for example: –

The sole aim of parents should be to ensure that any children are well cared for and kept out of the adult issues. Their welfare is more important than anything else.

Whilst a new routine may come naturally to some, parents can often struggle to completely agree what will work for their family moving forward.

These issues need to be approached in a sensitive manner and we can explore the alternative ways to resolve matters because every family is unique: every situation is different.

The law has recently been updated to promote the concept that children live with both parents at different times of the week.

Previously orders were granted on the basis of residence; who the child would live with and contact. Usually, there would have been a lesser amount of time spent with the other parent.  More often than not, the parent with ‘residence’ would feel as though they had the upper hand or could make decisions over and above the other parent.

Most parents have Parental Responsibility which denotes the rights and responsibilities which flow from being a parent. Parents need to use this together to discuss and negotiate any issues to try and reach an agreement.

When residence and contact were previously used, the parent with ‘residence’ would regularly try and use their Parental Responsibility over and above the other parent which would provide for long term discontent.

The new approach allows for a much more level playing field and in practice we find that because of this, parents more readily accept that important decisions should be made together.

Whatever the issue, parents should try and discuss matters and Court proceedings should be viewed as a last resort. They may however be necessary in certain cases to impose a decision on a parent.

For anything further, one of our specialists would be delighted to meet you to talk through your options and answer any questions. Please contact us at any time.