Key Contacts

Welcome to our team of fully qualified solicitors.

We pride ourselves on delivering pragmatic, business-minded advice. All of our work is partner led, supported by a client service team.

If we can assist you in any way, please contact us at any time.

Fiona Campbell

Business, Employment, Immigration

Title: Associate

Tel: 0191 226 3703

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Angela Carver

Business, Employment

Title: Associate

Tel: 0191 226 7824

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Ailsa Hobson

Business, Employment

Title: Senior Associate

Tel: 0191 226 3705

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Catherine Hope

Business, Employment, Healthcare

Title: Associate

Tel: 0191 226 3801

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Keith Land

Business, Education, Employment

Title: Partner

Tel: 0191 226 4892

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Emily Richardson

Business, Employment

Title: Trainee Solicitor

Tel: 0191 226 3646

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