Ellie Marriott

2nd year Trainee Solicitor

Whilst studying law at Durham University, I began searching for a reputable regional law firm that not only values quality of work but also appreciates their employees as individuals. Sintons gives a strong emphasis to these values, allowing ample opportunities for development in both a professional and personal capacity. This can be particularly be seen by the support offered from Sintons during the break between the offer for the training contract and beginning as a Trainee, offering support for the LPC and by pairing you with a ‘buddy’ to check in with during this time who is a current Trainee at the firm.

I attended the Graduate Recruitment process during the summer of 2017. I found it a fantastic opportunity to get to know the firm and how it operates. What set Sintons apart in my mind was the effort that Sintons took to get to know me as an individual. I also found the structure of the week better than other experiences I had had due to the focus on both the legal work itself and how we worked with the other aspiring trainees in presentation tasks and thought-provoking challenges. The legal work I undertook allowed me to gain a wider understanding of the role of a trainee solicitor whilst the other tasks allowed me to appreciate the efforts Sintons make to develop their employees as a team.

After accepting my training contract I worked for Durham University for a year as a Student Community Development Officer which allowed me to work on some key skills I will be using at Sintons, such as networking and communication, before completing my LPC at Northumbria. As a trainee you are invited from the outset to take part in a range of activities from networking events, departmental talks and social activities with your colleagues.

Our trainees are on twitter, follow @SintonsTrainees to see what they are up to or to ask for advice.