Unfair prejudice claims

Unfair prejudice is one of the main remedies available to a minority shareholder, where the lack of voting power leaves the minority shareholder unable to block decisions.

Unfair prejudice is a complex legal area. If an unfair prejudice petition is brought against you or your company, it is essential to seek legal advice.

Alternatively, if you have a shareholding in a company and believe that the majority of the shareholders have acted in a way that is detrimental to that shareholding, then you should also seek advice as you may have a form of redress.

We have experience of dealing with claims of this nature including:

  • exclusion from management in circumstances where there is a (legitimate) expectation of participation;
  • award of excessive financial benefits by the majority shareholder to himself; &
  • abuses of power and breaches of Articles of Association.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the above or any other disputed matter, please contact us.