We assist clients in dealing with claims against people who are doing something on their own land which affects the client’s enjoyment of their land.

The most common nuisance claims are:

Excessive noise

  • This could include dog barking, music being played too loudly or neighbours shouting. It is to be expected that you may experience some noise from your neighbours however it should not cause an unreasonable interference

Nuisance causing physical damage

  • Tree roots and branches can cause damage to a neighbour’s property and can interfere with a neighbour’s enjoyment of their property. For example the roots could push through the foundations

Should you believe that a neighbour is causing a nuisance then we would recommend:

  • Talking to your neighbour in an appropriate manner that does not inflame the situation
  • It is useful to keep a diary and take notes
  • Speak to a solicitor in the Dispute Resolution team at Sintons who will combine their expert technical knowledge with a practical approach in order to provide you with comprehensive advice and a tailored solution

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