Recovery of Financial Orders

Sintons are a full-service law firm meaning that the Family Team have direct and immediate access to other areas of legal expertise which can be crucial when there are other aspects of your case which need to be considered.

Our dedicated debt recovery department manages all disputes relating to financial orders, offering professional support and specialist legal knowledge when you need it, often doing so on a fixed fee basis which in turn provides a cost-effective option for you.

Financial Orders are court orders that can help you to recover any assets which are rightfully yours after a divorce.

After a divorce, there are occasions when a party to the divorce proceedings has to apply to court to enforce an order made within financial proceedings where their ex-spouse has failed to comply with the terms of the financial settlement. There can be various reasons why their spouse is failing to pay, but whatever the reason we can assist you to seek enforcement of a financial order and help you recover what’s lawfully yours.

The court has a wide range of powers to deal with the breach of a court order, including:

  • A Charging Order: to secure payment against a property or other type of securities including stocks and shares
  • Attachment of Earnings Order: this type of action recovers payment directly from the non-paying party’s employer
  • Third Party Debt Order: the most common form of this order is against bank or building society accounts, but the order is obtainable against any third party
  • Order to Obtain Information: if you are unsure of an individual’s assets, we can consider an application to court where the individual would have to attend court for questioning about their finances.

Client Testimonials:

Thank you very much for all of your help. I appreciate all your support and reassurance over the last few months as the outcome will have a positive impact on not just mine but my son’s futures”

Thank you for your professional advice, and your success in recovering my debt.  I will have no hesitation in recommending your practice, and you personally”