This is an overview of our pricing structure. Please contact us and we will provide a fully detailed pricing document.

Letter Before Action (LBA)                                No recovery, No fee

Including Late Payment Compensation and Interest, where applicable

If we make a recovery of the whole or part of the debt, no matter how small a proportion of the debt, then we shall charge you a fee based on the table set out below.

Debt ValueFee (plus VAT)
Up to £1,000£45
£1,000.01 – £5,000.0010%
£5,000.01 – £10,000.008%
£10,000.01 – 20,000.007%
Over £20,000.005%
  • Where the debt is disputed and it is necessary to enter into post LBA communications with you, the debtor or any third party to resolve the dispute this work will be charged at hourly rates. In addition post LBA communications which include us collating information, agreeing repayment plans or negotiating settlement will also be charged at hourly rates.
  • If having instructed us to issue an LBA you subsequently tell us not to continue pursuing the debt we will charge you £45.00 per instruction


In the following example we recover a debt owed of £1,500, along with interest and late payment compensation:

 Amount recoveredOur feeAmount paid to you
Original debt£1500.00  
Interest   £50.00  
Compensation    £70.00  

Issuing a Claim:

Our charges include, taking your instructions, preparing the Claim Form and Particulars of Claim and filing the same with the Court for issue. We will also arrange for service of the proceedings, in circumstances where this cannot be conducted by the Court.

Debt ValueCourt fee Our fee (plus VAT)Amount recoverable from the debtor
Up to £300£35.00£225.00£85.00
£300.01 – £500£50.00£225.00£100.00
£500.01 – £1,000£70.00£300.00£140.00
£1,000.01 – £1,500£80.00£300.00£160.00

Enforcement options:




Our fee (plus VAT)Recoverable costs
County Court Bailiff (debt up to £600)£110.00£75.00£112.25
High Court Enforcement *£66.00 (plus VAT)£135.00£117.75
Attachment of Earnings£110.00£100.00£110.00

* Cost to abort enforcement is £75.00 plus VAT

Miscellaneous charges:

 ExpensesOur fee
Debtor Tracing£30.00 (plus Vat)£7.50 (plus Vat)
Debtor Pre-sue/employment report£80.00 – £150.00 (plus Vat)£15.00 (plus Vat)
Personal service of a petition/document£80-£85.00 (plus Vat)£7.50 (plus Vat)
Office Copies£6.00£7.50 (plus Vat)


 ExpensesOur fee
Statutory Demand£85.00 (plus Vat)£500.00 (plus Vat)
Bankruptcy PetitionFrom £172.60 (plus Vat)£2,000.00 (plus Vat)
Winding up PetitionFrom £1800.00 (plus Vat)£2,400.00 (plus Vat)

Bulk/Volume recoveries

We are a team with significant expertise in volume bulk recoveries. Our professional charges and expenses for dealing with volume instructions differ to those above therefore, please contact us on 0191 226 7878 as we would be happy to discuss this with you.