Charging orders

If the judgment debtor is a sole or joint owner of a property then you, the judgment creditor, are able to apply to the court to put a charge on that property to the value of your judgment.

This will secure the monies owed to you under the terms of the judgment. Interest on your secured judgment will accrue at the judgment rate of interest, currently 8% per annum, until payment (interest will only continue to accrue if the debt is over £5,000.00).

Whilst a charging order secures your debt, it does not necessarily mean that the creditor can obtain his money immediately, which will only occur if the property is then ordered to be sold.

Charging orders are at their most effective when there is substantial equity in the property, the judgment debtor is the sole owner of the property and the property is not the home of the debtor’s family. In those circumstances a court will order the property to be sold so that your judgment can be paid from the net sale proceeds.

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