“We have worked closely with Aimee on a number of issues critical to the welfare of our companies. Aimee has guided the Board to  realistic and cost effective solutions regarding multiple litigation concerns.

Her knowledge of our business and her insightful  understanding of our lay arguments meant that she could efficiently translate them into effective legal argument and formulate actions that we always felt comfortable with.

She always was able to match the bigger picture with the tactics needed to ensure our arguments prevailed.

She did this using a carefully  considered approach which evolved into strategies that she was able to communicate to us in a timely and clear way. We always felt very well briefed on all the options and scenarios.

Her communication of the issues and her deliberations on the optimal legal position to take at every stage delivered the hoped for result in every case.

In particular her guidance throughout the coming together of  parties in  “without prejudice” meetings was just the kind of level headed yet precise support that we needed to lend weight to our arguments and achieve a good  final agreement.

Her excellent reputation is well deserved and we have benefited enormously from her work. We were so glad she was on our side.” – client comment


We have worked with Aimee Hubbard over the past 12 months on a breach of contract dispute.

She is thorough, knowledgeable and astute, giving us a very comprehensive roadmap for our case. At every step, she has managed our expectations extremely well, with timely and clear communication, a full view of the merits of our claim and pragmatic advice at the junctions where we needed to make decisions.

She has also proved to be a strong negotiator, and we have been very reassured and confident that she has been able to achieve the best possible outcome for our settlement. – client comment