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Settlement secured for man whose finger was crushed in workplace accident

A man who suffered a crush injury to one of his fingers while at work received therapy and financial compensation thanks to Sintons’ personal injury specialists.

Mr A’s left middle finger was crushed when it was trapped between heavy concrete panels. The tip of his finger was lost and he needed surgery under local anaesthetic to close the wound and trim the bone.

David Knipe, senior associate in Sintons’ personal injury team, regularly supports clients who have suffered serious injuries, helping them to access the physical and psychological therapy they need and negotiating a settlement on their behalf.

David said: “This was a thoroughly unpleasant injury which caused Mr A pain and reduced grip strength. It affected the appearance of his finger and he struggled with everyday tasks following the accident.”

Sintons arranged for Mr A to access cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) to help with the psychological impact of the injury, which included flashbacks and nightmares.

“Mr A suffered from psychological symptoms for nearly two years after the accident but, with the help of the CBT sessions alongside medical treatment, they are now resolved,” explained David Knipe.

“He will however require long term medical treatment and may experience stiffness and hypersensitivity on an ongoing basis; we took this into account when negotiating a settlement which properly reflects what Mr A has been through.”

The case, settled for a five figure sum, with Mr A commenting: “I am very pleased with the service I received from Sintons. Professional assistance and legal advice were top-notch. A special thanks to Mr. David Knipe. I highly appreciate his services. Always good communication, professional, competent, and dedicated service; with compensation successfully recovered. Thank you! I recommend Sintons!”

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Woman needed hip replacement after falling down covered hole

A woman who was seriously injured after falling down a hole which had been hidden during building work has been supported by law firm Sintons in securing a settlement.

The claimant sustained a broken hip after visiting her daughter’s home, where work was being carried out. As she was walking towards the gate, she stepped onto tarpaulin lying on the ground – which, unbeknown to her, was covering a hole.

As a result of the incident, she required a hip replacement, which left significant and permanent scarring, and she will require a further hip replacement in the future.

The woman turned to serious injury specialists at Sintons in securing a settlement after her injury, with senior associate David Knipe handling her claim.

Sintons, known nationally for its legal and client service excellence in its personal injury work, was able to secure a financial settlement, as well as access to bespoke rehabilitation. The package also factored in costs of future surgery and rehabilitation.

The claimant said: “I am extremely happy with the outstanding service, support and guidance from David Knipe at Sintons. David dealt with my claim in a sympathetic, knowledgeable and professional way.

“Thank you for achieving a great outcome for me. I would highly recommend Sintons.”

David Knipe, who has more than 20 years’ experience of personal injury litigation, added: “Our client was left seriously injured in this very distressing incident, which should have been a pleasant day of visiting her family but instead has resulted in her needing surgery and extensive rehabilitation, with more yet to come.

“We are very pleased to have been able to support her in securing the compensation and bespoke rehabilitation which have enabled her to look to the future.

“At Sintons, we are renowned for fighting hard for our clients, to secure the best possible outcome for their unique circumstances, and are absolutely committed to achieving that in every case.

“We are delighted to hear our client in this case was so happy with the service she received and the outcome, and wish her all the very best for the future.”

Delivery driver secures settlement after injury

A delivery driver who suffered permanent injury when he fell while unloading items from his truck has secured a settlement with support from Sintons.

The man was injured after slipping and falling from the tail lift of a truck, causing a serious fracture to his right elbow, which has since required two sets of surgery.

The driver, who was 27 at the time of his injury, also suffered an injury to his right hip.

While his hip injury eventually resolved, the damage to his elbow is permanent and will lead to ongoing difficulty in the workplace.

Medical experts confirmed his recovery is considered complete and there will be no further improvement.

The damage to his elbow means the man, a Polish national, is disadvantaged in his profession as an HGV driver and will permanently have problems with activities like lifting, carrying, moving or shifting items.

Serious injury specialists at Sintons intervened to support the man after his injury. The law firm is renowned nationally for its legal and client service excellence for its personal injury work, and has a dedicated Polish team to deliver bespoke support to Polish-speaking clients.

David Knipe, senior associate at Sintons – who was described by Legal 500 as being a lawyer who ‘puts the client at the heart of the process and is always striving to achieve the best possible result’ – supported the claimant and secured a high five-figure sum on his behalf to help him in moving on with his life.

The claimant said: “David Knipe is one of the best lawyers. He is very helpful and very caring. He made the whole process easy and kept me regularly updated.

“I am very satisfied with the outcome of my claim and I would highly recommend David and Sintons to anyone.”

“The injury our client sustained has left him with permanent damage and with ongoing difficulties in being able to do the job he loves,” says David.

“We are very pleased to have been able to support him in securing a settlement which will enable him to move on from this incident and look to the future.

“Our serious injury team is renowned for its quality and absolute dedication to client service, and the fact we also have in-house Polish specialists to add a further dimension of support to those clients who need it really does set us apart in the marketplace.

“The combination of both of these specialisms helped in our delivery of first-class legal and client service, and we wish him the very best in moving forward.”

‘First class’ service for injured steelworker

A steelworker who received private healthcare after an accident has praised Sintonspersonal injury team, saying the service he received was ‘first class’.

Mr M was injured at work when he was carrying lengths of steel and tripped over metal which had been left lying on the floor.

His right quadriceps tendon – which connects the thigh muscles to the kneecap – was ruptured, leading to surgery. The ongoing effects of the injury include pain, the inability to kneel and an impact of Mr M’s ability to drive and continue his sporting activities.

David Knipe, senior associate at Sintons, explains: “This case is an example of how an avoidable occurrence can have a long-lasting, serious impact on a person. In fact, an assessment by an orthopaedic expert showed that the effects of Mr M’s injuries mean that he’s likely to meet the criteria to be classified as disabled, according to the Disability Discrimination Act and the Equality Act 2010.”

Sintons’ personal injury team works closely with medical experts who can assess both the physical and psychological impact of injuries and provide recommendations for treatment.

In the case of Mr M, experts warned that, although he’d made excellent progress since the incident, he was vulnerable to relapses, so Sintons ensured that private treatment provision was put in place as part of his settlement.

“It’s not just the physical effects which we take into account in a case like this,” added David Knipe. “We always take the time to understand the psychological impact of injuries and we make sure our clients get the appropriate support – both in the immediate aftermath of the incident and in the future.”

The claimant, Mr M, said: The service I received from Sintons was first class. The way that David Knipe treated me personally from beginning to end was exceptional. Always very friendly and taking the time to explain every detail.  

“I was kept well informed throughout the claim and Sintons made sure I received the very best private healthcare treatment available.  I will always be very grateful to Sintons.”

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Pedestrian’s pothole injury results in £30,000 settlement

A woman who broke her arm tripping on a pothole has received £30,000 after contacting Sintons’ team of personal injury specialists.

Ms A fell outside her workplace as she was walking to her car, injuring her shoulder, neck and arm.

A fracture to her right radius required surgery, with a metal plate and pins being inserted, and she also sustained carpal tunnel syndrome – a condition which causes numbness and pain in the hand and fingers.

David Knipe, senior associate at Sintons, said: “We negotiated on Ms A’s behalf to secure a settlement for her which reflects not only the seriousness of the injuries but the ongoing physical effects.”

Securing the settlement required repeated negotiation with the defendant’s insurer, all of which was handled on Ms A’s behalf by Sintons.

Ms A commented: From the initial phone call to subsequent case progression with David Knipe, I have found the claims process very well handled with a good rapport and honest advice. Thank you!”

David Knipe added: “This is what we’re here for – to make the stressful time after an accident as straightforward as possible and to make sure people receive appropriate compensation.

“I’m pleased that we were able to handle this negotiation on behalf of Ms A and to make sure she got the settlement she needed.”

Find out more about our team of personal injury specialists who helped Ms A here.

Sintons personal injury team ‘transforms’ cyclist’s view of lawyers

A cyclist who was hit by a bus says his previously cynical view of lawyers has been transformed, thanks to the support he received from Sintonspersonal injury team.

Keith was knocked off his bike by a bus which tried to overtake him at speed, leaving him with two fractures in his wrist and a soft tissue injury to his knee.

After surgery to stabilise and repair the break, Keith was still suffering from pain and swelling in his wrist so, as well as securing a compensation package, Sintons’ team arranged specialist rehabilitation to minimise the lasting effects of the accident.

David Knipe, senior associate at Sintons, explained: “We knew that, as well as being a regular cyclist, Keith is a highly skilled musician who plays multiple instruments including the drums.

“It was vitally important that we took action to make sure he is able to continue his passion for music and minimise the impact of the accident on his employment opportunities in the future as much as possible.”

Keith said: “David Knipe did everything he could to maximise my compensation. He was genuinely concerned for my health and future prospects and he explored potential medical concerns that I would not have thought of myself.

“David and Sintons transformed my cynical view of lawyers and I really can’t thank them enough.”

He added: David has been extremely thoughtful, caring, attentive and clear in his explanations throughout my entire experience with Sintons. He has changed how I feel about legal representation for the better and I cannot imagine having a more capable person to represent me.”

Sintons’ personal injury lawyers work with people who have suffered serious polytrauma injuries and includes experienced lawyers who specialise in brain and spinal injuries and industrial diseases like asbestos-related illnesses and industrial deafness.

You can find out more about David Knipe here, and about Sintons’ personal injury team here.

Multilingual support for Polish-speaking client

Sintons’ team of multilingual lawyers have supported a client through a successful personal injury claim – with correspondence and paperwork being made available in Polish as well as English.

Ms L, who is a Polish speaker, required surgery after she slipped at work and tore the cartilage in her knee. She fell on a staircase and twisted her left knee, leading to a meniscal tear which had to be treated through surgery.

David Knipe, who handled the case alongside Sintons’ Polish-speaking lawyers, explained: “We often help people whose first language isn’t English and we have people here at Sintons who are not only legal experts but who can also speak fluent Polish and Romanian.

“If you’ve been injured, we know it can be a stressful time, so we appreciate that being able to talk to someone in your native language can help make things a little bit easier.”

Ms L said: I felt I was in the best hands. Big thank you for David. Many thanks to the Polish team at Sintons as well for advice and translating everything from English to Polish language. I highly recommend them.”

As well as compensation, Sintons’ personal injury lawyers help people access any physical and psychological rehabilitation they need to recover from their injury and they have experience in accidents at work, as well as brain and spinal injuries and industrial disease.

David Knipe added: “Whatever the type of injury, we have the relevant experience and in-house resources to ensure that the process is seamless and our clients know they’ll always be talking to someone who understands their situation.”

Find out about Sintons’ Polish personal injury team here, and the Romanian personal injury team here.

The life-changing impact of prosthetics

After an incident which forced a man to have his arm amputated, the use of cutting-edge prosthetics has proved key in him being able to rebuild his life.

Undergoing an amputation just below the shoulder after his right arm was dragged into a conveyor belt at the recycling centre where he worked, the man suffered both physical and psychological trauma.

While his specialist solicitors at law firm Sintons were able to secure a £1.83m settlement and a bespoke package of therapy to support him in his recovery, their ability to access cutting-edge prosthetics has proved particularly key in him being able to look to the future…read more>>

Half a million pounds plus physical and psychological therapy secured for woman hit by car

Sintons has helped a woman secure a settlement of £540,000, plus physical and psychological therapy, after she and her daughter were hit by a car on a pedestrian crossing.

Sintons’ team of personal injury specialists took over from Ms L’s previous law firm, after they submitted her claim via a portal only intended for straightforward, low value cases worth up to £25,000 – despite the seriousness of her injuries…read more>>

Software specialist secures settlement

A software specialist who sustained an upper limb disorder through excessive use of his keyboard and mouse at work has secured a settlement with support from serious injury specialists at Sintons.

The man saw a pre-existing condition significantly worsened through failure of his employer to act and protect him from the effects of extensive use of his computer equipment, despite warnings from specialists for preventative action to be taken.

In his employment, the man was using his mouse and keyboard for configuring software for up to ten hours a day, five days a week, over the course of several months.

The nature of his work required quick paced work, using dropdown menus, moving the cursor on screen and repeatedly clicking.

Having noticed pain in his right hand and arm, he was referred to a specialist and during time away from work he underwent physiotherapy and steroid injections.

However, whilst he continued to report troublesome symptoms to his employer aware, insufficient action was taken and medical advice ignored.

An occupational therapist assessment made some changes to the man’s workstation, but the physiotherapist and hand specialist advised it was the work itself causing the issues and that time away from work of that type was required.

Despite the employer being aware of this, for several months, the man was tasked with an ‘urgent’ client project, which caused significant pain – a project which subsequently turned out to have been unnecessary.

After complaining, the man was dismissed from his role. He turned to serious injury specialists at Sintons – which has a national reputation for its personal injury work – for support in pursuing a claim against his former employer.

David Knipe, associate in Sintons’ serious injury team, established that the employer did not undertake work or occupational assessments before the development of the claimant’s symptoms, and asked him to undertake work directly against the advice of the treating consultants of which they were aware.

Medical examinations revealed the claimant had suffered an aggravation of pre-existing mild DeQuervain’ s Disease, which experts acknowledged had been made more severe by the workplace incident and could disadvantage the man in the labour market.

The claimant secured a settlement which will enable him to move on with his life, and for which he praised Sintons for securing for him.

“David Knipe at Sintons provided excellent advice at all stages,” said the claimant.

“He took on board my concerns, carefully explained strategy and possible outcomes and cautioned that a personal injury claim was not guaranteed to succeed and would take time.

“At all times I felt I was in the best hands. Not all firms would have taken on my case, but Sintons did and secured a very satisfactory outcome. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.”

David Knipe, who has over 20 years’ experience of personal injury litigation, said: “Despite warnings that greater support was needed to safeguard our client against his developing symptoms, he was left wholly unprotected and indeed was told to work when medical advice advised against it.”

“This is unacceptable and totally against the duty of care an employer should provide. We are very pleased to be able to support our client in making a stand against the conditions he was forced to work in.

“While this may not be a ‘traditional’ workplace injury, at Sintons, we have specialism in a full spectrum of personal injury cases. We have a long and successful track record in supporting people who have sustained work-related upper limb disorders and injury, such as in this case, and fight hard for the best possible outcome for the client in each bespoke case and circumstance.

“We are very pleased to have supported our client in this matter and wish him the very best for the future.”

David Knipe is an Associate in the Claimant Personal Injury team at Sintons in Newcastle upon Tyne.  Contact him at or on 0191 226 7926.

Settlement secured following workplace stairs accident

A woman who was injured when she slipped on stairs while at work has been supported in securing a settlement by serious injury specialists at Sintons.

As she was preparing to start her shift, the woman slipped on debris left on the stairs – the fact she was holding the handrail helped to break her fall, but she still slipped and struck her knee on the metal stair frame.

Her left knee immediately swelled up and subsequent medical examinations revealed a meniscal tear requiring surgery.

The woman, a Polish national, turned to law firm Sintons for support in pursuing a claim against her employer.

The firm is known on a national basis for its capability in serious injury work and is continually highly-rated by both Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners independent legal publications.

It also has an in-house specialist Polish personal injury team, offering an additional layer of support for clients for whom Polish is their first language.

David Knipe, an associate with more than 20 years’ experience of personal injury litigation, led the claim.

The claimant praised the team for being “amazing and very professional”, adding: “Thank you very much for your help and support with my case. I am very satisfied.”

“Our client sustained a nasty injury through a fall on the stairs at work that could easily have been avoided with a proper system of inspection and cleaning. The injury had long-standing consequences in terms of limitations and rehabilitation required,” said David Knipe.

“Our team is known for its commitment to fighting hard on our clients’ behalf to secure the very best outcome for them and our Polish team increases the support we can offer further still.

“We are very pleased to have been able to support our client to a positive outcome in this case and wish her the best for the future.”

David Knipe is an Associate in the Claimant Personal Injury team at Sintons in Newcastle upon Tyne. Contact him at or on 0191 226 7926.

Factory worker secures settlement

A man who sustained injuries to his back and psychological trauma after an incident at work has been supported in securing a claim by serious injury specialists at Sintons.

The man was injured while working in a factory and walking between stands to find a pallet, when he slipped on an oily liquid and landed heavily on his back.

Already living with a degenerative back condition, medical experts estimated the injury he sustained accelerated the decline by 18 to 24 months.

The incident, in January 2018, also caused significant psychological injury with depressed mood, acute stress symptoms, sleep disturbance, anxiety, lapses in concentration and social withdrawal.

Due to his injuries, the man remained unemployed since the incident, with his former employer unable to make work adjustments or redeploy him because of his back injury and accompanying chronic pain and stiffness.

The claimant, a Polish national, turned to serious injury specialists at Sintons for support in pursuing a claim to enable him to access the medical support and rehabilitation he needed.

As well as having a nationally-known personal injury team, Sintons has a specialist in-house Polish team within the department, supporting Polish clients throughout their claim to simplify the process and ensure there are no barriers in language or understanding.

“I really appreciated the professional approach and help in every aspect of my case,” said the claimant of the service he received from Sintons.

David Knipe, an associate with more than 20 years’ experience of personal injury litigation, led the man’s claim against his employer. The claim settled after Court proceeding had begun, enabling the man to secure a favourable settlement to support him to move on with his life.

“This was a very avoidable incident which caused our client significant injury and pain, and ongoing psychological trauma as a result of what happened,” says David.

“Although it was a long-running claim and settled after Court proceedings had actually begun, this shows our commitment to pursuing and settling a claim, no matter how long that may take. Clients best interests are our primary concern at all times and our results on support that.

“Our Polish team were also of great importance in this case; delivering support to Polish-speaking clients in their first language is something we know is invaluable and enables us to give another level of support to clients.

“In this case, we were very pleased to secure a settlement which will support our client in moving on with his life. We wish him the very best for the future.”

David Knipe is an Associate in the Claimant Personal Injury team at Sintons in Newcastle upon Tyne. Contact him at or on 0191 226 7926.

Montreal Convention and Psychological Injury: Climbing above the turbulence?

Sintons recently secured a settlement for a passenger in a personal injury claim brought against a well-known Airline following psychological injuries sustained following an accident on a flight. Further details can be found by clicking here.

As a result of the incident, our Client suffered from sleep disturbance, nightmares, flashbacks and became aware of the onset of obsessive compulsive rituals. A Clinical Psychologist instructed in the case diagnosed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder together with features of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The case settled shortly before trial with the Claimant recovering damages for psychiatric harm and future psychological treatment.

Whilst that is not in itself unusual in personal injury claims, this was a claim brought under the Montreal Convention 1999 designed to protect passengers injured in plane crashes, incidents during a flight or whilst boarding or disembarking. Whilst the Defendant admitted liability they disputed that our client could recover any damages for psychiatric harm under the Convention. This was on the basis of the wording of Article 17 of the Montréal Convention which identifies that “the (airline) carrier is liable for damage sustained in case of death or personal injury of a passenger” in certain defined circumstances…read more >>

Sintons secures settlement following shopping centre injury

A man who slipped on a wet floor in a shopping centre, sustaining serious injury to his hand, has secured a settlement with support from Sintons.

The claimant was leaving a store within a retail arcade when he slipped on some water. As he tried to pick himself up, he fell again, causing further injury.

He was left with soft tissue damage to his right arm, right leg and back, the effect of which was exacerbated by anti-blood clotting medication he was taking.

The fracture to his dominant right hand, along with ligament damage, meant he required surgery after injections to try and minimise the pain and damage failed.

The injury was made worse by pre-existing arthritis, which prevented him from carrying out everyday tasks like domestic chores, gardening and DIY.

The claimant turned to Sintons for support in pursuing a claim against the shopping centre over the incident, which happened in May 2017.

The law firm, nationally renowned for its serious injury work, was able to secure an interim payment for the man, to cover the cost of any necessary private medical treatment.

Liability was denied by the shopping centre owner for almost three years, but was admitted in full pre-litigation, only for the defendant to then renege on that with a claim of contributory negligence, in other words arguing that his actions had been a contributory factor in the injury suffered.

With the support of associate David Knipe, a lawyer with over 20 years’ experience in personal injury work, the man was successfully able to secure a settlement, without any element of contributory negligence.

“Sintons provided a first class service. My lawyer, David Knipe, was professional, efficient and informative. He provided good guidance throughout the whole case. A big thank you,” said the claimant.

David Knipe added: “This was a very distressing incident for our client, in which he sustained lasting injury, through no fault of his own, when he slipped on a wet surface.

“His claim has been a lengthy one, with the defendant denying liability for almost 3 years, before admitting liability in full only to later renege on their admission. However, we remain absolutely committed to getting the very best outcome possible for our clients and will fight hard to achieve that.

“Our client was very happy with the outcome in this case, and our intervention meant he was able to secure an interim payment, which made life easier for him at a difficult time. We are pleased to have been able to support him through this process, and wish him the very best for the future.”

Man secures settlement following Achilles workplace injury

A man whose workplace injury left him disabled has secured a settlement from his employer with support from Sintons.

The Claimant was injured at work after being required to push a heavy engine back into a scissor lift, which had been removed for maintenance.  While doing so with considerable force, he ruptured his Achilles tendon.

While the injury initially appeared minor, requiring treatment in an Aircast boot, the Claimant re-ruptured his Achilles tendon during physiotherapy, meaning reconstructive surgery was required.

As a result, he was left with a 12cm scar over his Achilles, thickening of the Achilles tendon and muscle wasting of his left calf which resulted in reduced mobility and ongoing pain.

Due to his injuries – sustained in the incident in 2017 – and the restrictions they posed upon him he found his employer unable to accommodate a return to work and his employment terminated as a result.

The Claimant remained unemployed for a prolonged period of time before finding part time work with the injury leaving him disadvantaged on the open labour market and considered disabled for the purposes of both the Disability Discrimination Act and the Equality Act.

The man turned to nationally-renowned Sintons for support with his claim, for which liability was initially admitted by his employer in November 2017 only for the Defendant to resile from their admission in October 2021.

Despite the setbacks and the denial of liability the case was eventually settled earlier this year.

Serious injury specialist David Knipe, an associate with over 20 years of personal injury litigation experience, supported the man in his claim.

“David Knipe provided an excellent service, I was constantly updated with the progress of the claim,” said the claimant.

“He is very approachable and if I was unsure on anything he would explain it in more detail, nothing was too much trouble.

“David is very professional and I would recommend his and Sintons’ services to anyone. It’s been a pleasure to have had David look after my case.”

“Through this incident at work, our client has been left with life-long consequences,” says David Knipe.

“By doing what he was asked to do, he has been left with serious injury to his Achilles which will impact on his movement forever.

“At Sintons, we are rightly known for our commitment to fighting hard on behalf of our clients to secure the best possible outcome for them and their families, and will do all we can to achieve that.

“We are very pleased to have supported him through his claim. This included securing several early interim payments and ultimately settling the claim despite liability being denied.  It was a pleasure to help this gentlemen secure a considerable settlement that will help him to move on with his life. We wish him and his family the very best for the future.”

Man injured in workplace accident secures settlement

A man injured at work when a large fridge freezer he was moving on a small trolley fell on him, injuring his ankle, has been supported in securing a settlement by law firm Sintons.

The incident happened when the man, who had not been adequately trained in manual handling or provide with suitable work equipment, was using a small sack truck to move a large American-style fridge freezer in a warehouse – the trolley being far too small to move such a large item.

While attempting to move the fridge freezer, it fell off the trolley onto the his right foot and ankle, leading to a fractured ankle, soft tissue injury to his knee and psychological injuries.

Having undergone medical assessment after the incident, in April 2018, medical experts concluded that he would be left with intermittent but permanent right ankle symptoms, which would be aggravated by movement. There was also a risk of degenerative disease in future.

In addition to his physical symptoms, the psychological impact has been severe, and led to him being diagnoses with a major depressive disorder and a generalised anxiety disorder.

The man turned to serious injury specialists at Sintons for support with making a claim against his employer, who denied liability throughout the process.

With the support of associate David Knipe, who has over 20 years of personal injury experience, a favourable settlement was reached.

“I contacted Sintons after I had my accident at work and they were there to help me pick up the pieces,” said the claimant.

“They listened to my concerns, believed in me and helped me to get the justice and compensation I deserved. They explained everything in great detail and helped through every step of my fight for justice.

“The most important thing for me was that they believed in me, and fully supported me even though I was being told by my employer that I was the one at fault. They helped me through a low point at that time in my life.

“I would personally like to thank David Knipe, with his expertise and understanding, he explained everything so I could easily understand.”

David Knipe added: “This was a needless incident, where our client was moving a large item with unsuitable equipment, and without the necessary manual handling training to do so. He sustained an injury with permanent consequences that he has to live with each day.

“We are very pleased to have been able to support him to an outcome which will enable him to look to the future positively. This was a very distressing incident for our client, amplified by the denial of any responsibility by his employer, but now we hope he will be able to move on with his life. We wish him the very best for the future and it was a pleasure to be able to bring him the justice he so deserved.”

Motorcyclist secures settlement with support from Sintons

A motorcyclist left seriously injured in a collision with another motorbike has secured a settlement with support from specialists at Sintons.

The man, a provisional licence holder with over seven years’ riding experience, was injured whilst turning right when another motorbike overtook two vehicles behind and then collided with him.

The man was left with fractures to his arm, which required surgery to insert metalwork. He also sustained injuries to his right hand, both legs and pelvis. An operation to remove the metalwork was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, prolonging his recovery.

He was also diagnosed with PTSD as a result of the incident, and a secondary adjustment disorder with anxiety and depression.

He turned to nationally-renowned serious injury specialists at Sintons to support him in making a claim against the other motorcyclist, who was also injured in the collision in March 2019.

However, the defendant made a counter claim, alleging that the claimant was entirely at fault – but with the support of David Knipe, an associate at Sintons, the Claimant secured a liability split 85/15 per cent in his favour.

Sintons’ client secured a compensation package that supported him in the ongoing process of rebuilding his life.

“We received exemplary service from start to finish. There were some complications, as with most cases, but the input, advice and support received from David Knipe were second to none,” said the claimant.

“Any queries or concerns that we raised were met with kindness, patience and professionalism, all necessary arrangements were made with little to no fuss and our personal administration toll was kept to an absolute minimum.

“Overall, we were more than happy with the service received from Sintons, and 100 per cent would recommend them, and indeed we have.”

David Knipe, who has over 20 years of experience in personal injury work, added: “Our client was left with physical and psychological injuries as a result of this incident, which he continues to battle to overcome.

“While liability was denied by the other motorcyclist, with our support, we secured a favourable outcome for our client resulting in a settlement which we hope will assist in him in moving forward in his life.

“At Sintons, we have a deserved reputation for fighting hard on behalf of our clients, supporting them through the process and the many twists and turns that can often lie along the way.

“We pride ourselves on doing everything we can to secure the best possible bespoke outcome that meets their unique circumstances. We wish our client the very best for the future.”

Event to explore the Rehabilitation Code in serious injury

Serious injury specialists are to share their insight into the application of the Rehabilitation Code in claims at a seminar held next week.

The Rehabilitation – Cracking the Code event, held by Sintons in association with Parklane Plowden, will consider the practical issues around the Rehabilitation Code in serious injury cases.

Speakers at the seminar – held on Thursday, November 17 at Sintons’ headquarters in Newcastle – are…read more>>

‘Gold standard’ personal injury team wins top ranking

The “gold standard” personal injury team at Sintons has won a top ranking from Legal 500 2023, in recognition of its outstanding legal capability and the service it delivers to clients.

Sintons has nationally-renowned expertise in serious injury work – including life-changing brain and spinal cord injury claims through its specialist Neurotrauma team – and continues to grow through increasing levels of instructions from across the UK.

Again confirming the team as a leader in its field in the North of England, Legal 500 awards a band one ranking, and highlights key team members across the whole department as go-to names in serious injury work with “specialist expertise”…read more>> 

Sintons supports Celebrating Excellence Awards 2022

Law firm Sintons, one of the UK’s leading legal advisors, is lending its support to awards which recognise the outstanding work being done within a North East NHS Trust.

The Celebrating Excellence Awards are held by Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and celebrate the contribution of individuals and teams in a wide array of areas, from clinical practice and research through to equality, volunteering and unsung hero.

Sintons, a specialist advisor to NHS Trusts nationally, has given its backing to the awards through becoming both the sponsor of the drinks reception of the event, as well as sponsoring the Partnership Working award…read more>>

Sintons named Personal Injury Team of the Year at Northern Law Awards 2022

Sintons has won the Personal Injury Team of the Year accolade at the Northern Law Awards 2022.

The awards, held last night, acknowledge excellence across legal practice in the North of England, and specialists at Sintons were singled out for their outstanding work in personal injury.

The team – which also includes Sintons’ renowned Neurotrauma department – is known nationally for its work, particularly its expertise in serious injury claims, including brain and spinal cord injury more>>

Aeroplane Passenger turns to Sintons to secure Montreal Convention settlement

An aeroplane passenger who sustained injuries when an item fell from an overhead luggage compartment has settled her case against the airline with support from personal injury specialists at Sintons.

The woman was seated onboard a flight in June 2018 when a fellow passenger opened an overhead locker, resulting in a heavy item falling and striking her on the head.

She sustained an eye injury, which has resulted in permanent sensitivity to bright light requiring the use of spectacles with tint for the rest of her life…read more >>

Neurotrauma team expands with appointment of new specialist

The specialist Neurotrauma team has expanded again through the appointment of a new specialist.

Caitlin Ord has joined the department to offer additional support to clients nationally who instruct the firm on the strength of its legal and service excellence.

A Northumbria University graduate who has also completed her Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC), Caitlin combines her legal knowledge with a background of supporting people with disabilities…read more >>

Woman knocked off her bike secures settlement thanks to Sintons

After serious injury specialists at Sintons took over the case of Mrs R, who was left with a catalogue of injuries after being knocked off her bike, she was able to secure the rehabilitation she badly needed to enable her to progress her recovery.

Here, we look at the case of Mrs R, and how moving to a law firm with the expertise to secure the best possible outcome can prove crucial – in this case, securing a settlement almost 20 times the amount her initial solicitor considered it to be worth.

Leading a busy life as a cleaner and working in a local shop, Mrs R’s life as she knew it was devastated one morning, when she was knocked off her bicycle by a car…read more >>

Head of Neurotrauma takes part in RideLondon 2022

The head of Sintons’ nationally-renowned Neurotrauma team is set to raise vital funds through taking part in an event hailed as the world’s greatest festival of cycling.

Andrew McGowan is to cycle the RideLondon 100, a route from London to Essex on traffic-free roads, to raise money for the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA).

RideLondon comprises a series of events, and was established in 2013 as an Olympic legacy event to help people celebrate and enjoy the benefits of cycling…read more >>


Sintons personal injury team shortlisted for prestigious awards

The specialist personal injury team at Sintons has been shortlisted for the Northern Law Awards 2022.

The firm has been named as a finalist in the Personal Injury Team of the Year category, in recognition of its commitment to excellence in both legal and client service.

Sintons’ personal injury team acts for clients across the country in a wide range of matters, supporting them and their families through what can often be a very distressing time in their lives.…read more >>


School worker secures settlement with support from Sintons

A school cook was left with permanent injuries sustained in an incident whilst serving food.

The incident happened when she was using a new dinner trolley, which, unbeknown to the catering team, was too wide to fit through the door hatch from the kitchen into the dinner hall.

Working under significant time pressures and against staff shortages, the team were required to lift the trolley over the countertop to ensure the children could have their lunch.

While doing so, one of the dinner staff knocked the hatch door, causing her to briefly drop her side of the trolley resulting in her having to take the full weight of the trolley.

The woman sustained an injury to her left hand and arm rapidly developed pins and needles, numbness and pain from elbow to wrist, exacerbating existing underlying Carpel Tunnel Syndrome symptoms to significantly impact on all aspects of her life and work…read more >>

Neurologic Music Therapy in Neurorehabilitation: An Introduction

The power of music in neurorehabilitation is to be explored at a seminar hosted by Sintons.

Neurologic Music Therapy in Neurorehabilitation: An Introduction will look at how the therapy is used to achieve positive progress in their ongoing recovery, and can deliver life-changing outcomes.

Elizabeth Nightingale, neuro services lead at Chiltern Music Therapy, and speech and language therapist Matthew Nakonesky from Speech Therapy North East, will be among the guest speakers…read more >>

Injured cyclist supported in his recovery by Sintons

A cyclist who was left with both physical and psychological trauma after being knocked off his bike has been supported in his recovery by serious injury specialists at Sintons.

The man was cycling at night, with lights on his bicycle and on a well-lit roundabout, when he was hit on his left side by a car emerging from the junction.

He sustained fractures to his tibia and fibula, which needed surgery to fit metalwork in his lower leg, although this later needed to be removed after the man suffered significant pain. The surgery resulted in extensive scarring to his lower leg, with pain continuing to run into his thigh and lower back…read more >>

The 2022 Highway Code Changes

On Saturday 29th January 2022 the new Highway Code (the Code) comes into force. Sarah Askew highlights what the new rules are and why they are important.

The Highway Code has been updated to improve the safety of people walking, cycling and riding horses.

One of the most significant changes is to introduce what is termed a hierarchy of road users…read more >>

Sintons supports cyclist after hit-and-run

A cyclist left seriously injured in a hit-and-run has been supported in rebuilding his life by specialists at Sintons, whose expertise enabled him to secure provisional damages with the option to re-open the case pending future health problems as a result of the incident.

The man was cycling one Sunday morning in 2019 before planning to return to attend Church with his wife – but he did not return as planned. As his wife prepared to go out to look for him, police arrived at their home to tell her he had been involved in a serious road collision.

Having been struck at speed, the car then drove off from the scene, although was traced through CCTV cameras on the road. He has since been prosecuted for the incident…read more >>

Client secures six-figure settlement after serious shoulder injury

A man who was seriously injured after an electric shock at work has secured a six-figure settlement with support from Sintons.

The man, a team leader in the packing department of a meat production company, suffered a badly injured right shoulder in the incident.

Having undergone surgery following his injury, with further surgery planned, he is faced with the prospect of having long-term implications which was impeding his ability to work…read more >>

Welder secures six-figure settlement to help rebuild his life

A welder who sustained serious injuries during an incident while at work has secured a six-figure settlement to help rebuild his life with support from Sintons.

The man was injured while working at height in industrial premises, after an unsecured platform on which he was standing moved.

The welder was left with a serious brain injury, multiple left-sided fractured ribs, a fracture of the tailbone and left collarbone, fractured fingers and an injury to his back…read more >>

Sintons sponsor BABICM conference

Sintons has been announced as sponsor of one of the key events for professionals working in brain and complex injury.

The law firm, whose specialist Neurotrauma team supports clients nationally, is sponsoring the BABICM Conference 2021, renowned as a flagship event in the calendar which has the added significance of being in the organisation’s landmark 25th anniversary year.

‘Decisions, Decisions – The Way Forward: Supporting Capacitous Choices in Litigation and Beyond’ will analyse the challenges facing case managers, clients and legal teams when supporting clients who have capacity to make decisions in key areas that impact on their rehabilitation and aspects of litigation…read more >>

Law firm Sintons is again committing its support to an annual initiative to promote road safety

Road Safety Week, the UK’s biggest road safety event, seeks to raise awareness of the role we can all play in making the roads a safer place to be for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike.

The initiative, which this year will run from November 15 to 21, is run by road safety charity Brake, which works with thousands of schools, organisations and communities throughout the country to take action on road safety and enable more people to make safe and healthy journeys every day.

Each year’s Road Safety Week is themed to address one vital aspect of road safety, and for 2021, will highlight the role of road safety heroes – the professionals who work tirelessly to improve safety for everyone…read more >>

Chambers hails personal injury team as ‘excellent choice’

The personal injury team at Sintons has been hailed as an “excellent choice” of advisor by Chambers and Partners 2022.

The team, regularly acknowledged as being a leader in its field in the North of England, was praised for its work in high-value and life-changing injury claims in particular.

Its “broad offering” of specialism, taking in “expertise” in brain and spinal cord injury work through its Neurotrauma department, as well as occupational and industrial diseases, workplace injuries and road accidents, were all highlighted by Chambers…read more>>



Neurotrauma team glow in support of GloWeek

Sintons is again lending its support to a national campaign which urges children to be seen and not hurt on our roads.

GloWeek, which runs throughout this week, is an annual initiative from the Child Brain Injury Trust, the launch of which coincides with the days becoming shorter and darkness descending earlier, meaning children are more at risk of not being seen.

As the clocks prepare to change, the charity is again promoting the importance of road safety with an education campaign aimed at primary school-age children, alongside a fundraising drive to enable it to continue its vital work in supporting young people and families affected by brain injury…read more>>

“Extremely impressive” personal injury team hailed for expertise

The “extremely impressive” personal injury team at Sintons has won praise from Legal 500 2022 for its expertise in complex and life-changing injury cases.

Its capability in brain and spinal cord injury, polytrauma and amputation cases “form the cornerstone” of the practice, says Legal 500, and is what differentiates Sintons from its rivals.

The department is hailed for its depth and breadth of expertise, alongside its commitment to fighting hard to secure the very best outcome for clients, with an “excellent understanding of how to put the medical and therapeutic side of the case together and structure it towards a settlement”…read more>>

Sintons creates specialist Romanian-speaking personal injury team

Law firm Sintons is establishing a dedicated personal injury service for Romanian-speaking claimants, increasing its levels of support to the international community even further.

After the creation of its Polish-speaking team four years ago, Sintons has been able to secure justice for significant numbers of Polish people who sustained injuries while living or working in the UK, who may not otherwise have pursued a claim and accessed the rehabilitation and support they needed to rebuild their lives.

Now, to increase its support to under-represented communities in the UK even further, the law firm has established a specialist Romanian team, to deliver bespoke support to people who have been injured from the very earliest days of their recovery…read more>>

Woman injured in pub fall secures settlement thanks to Sintons

A woman who sustained lasting injury when she slipped on a pub floor has secured damages with support from Sintons.

The case, which took four years to settle, dates to May 2017, when the woman slipped on an unknown substance while walking through the pub towards the toilets. There were no warning signs or indication of any hazard.

In falling, she struck her head on a wall, suffering bruising and swelling to her left eye, left cheek, jaw and left arm. She sustained permanent facial nerve damage, which continues to cause pain and tingling…read more>>

Neurotrauma lawyers raises vital funds through GNR

A specialist Neurotrauma lawyer is raising funds to help increase the vital support available to brain injury survivors through her participation in the Great North Run.

Hannah Fitzpatrick is running the world’s biggest half marathon to raise money for Headway Darlington & District, a group which helps people living with brain injury and their families to rebuild their lives.

Hannah, an associate in Sintons’ Neurotrauma team, works nationally with people who have sustained serious life-changing injuries, and has a strong track record in fighting on their behalf to secure the best possible outcomes and access to rehabilitation possible for their unique situation…read more>>

Meet our Neurotrauma Team with Ben McMurdo

What is your role at Sintons and how long have you been with the firm? 

I am a trainee solicitor at Sintons starting in March 2021. I interviewed for the firm in 2018 following my degree and was offered a training contract. Since then, I completed my LPC and joined the firm in 2019 as a paralegal.

Tell us about your career to date…

I worked as a paralegal at Sintons in the commercial property department from July 2019 to May 2020. I started my training contract in March 2021 in the neurotrauma department…read more>>

Interim Payments

If a claimant has been significantly injured in an accident caused by the negligence of a defendant, the process of obtaining the right amount of compensation can sometimes be a lengthy and challenging journey.

This is particularly true if the claimant is suffering financially because they are not able to work as a result of the injuries they have sustained.

In many cases, claimant solicitors can request an interim payment at an early stage of the claim. An interim payment is an amount of money that is paid to the claimant before the total amount of compensation is decided…read more>>

Meet our Neurotrauma Team with Emma Redhead

What is your role at Sintons and how long have you been with the firm? 

I am a Senior Litigator within the Neurotrauma Team at Sintons and have been with the firm coming up 15 years.

Tell us about your career to date…

I began my career with Sintons  in 2007. I progressed to working as a Legal Secretary in Claimant Personal Injury Department. I have worked as a Senior Litigator for the last 9 years. I initially worked in the General Personal Injury team on a range of complex cases before being appointed to the Neurotrauma team in 2017 read more>>

Meet our Neurotrauma Team with Andrew McGowan

What is your role at Sintons and how long have you been with the firm? 

I head up the Neurotrauma Team at Sintons, having joined in December 2019.

Tell us about your career to date…

I spent the majority of my working life in Yorkshire, acting on behalf of seriously injured adults and children, and began working back in the North East in 2016. In 2019 I was asked by Sintons to head up their growing Neurotrauma Team and build on the excellent work the Team do on behalf of their clients…read more >>

Sintons secures settlement of over £1million

A man left seriously injured after a traffic collision has secured a settlement of over £1million to help rebuild his life through support from Sintons.

The claimant sustained a catalogue of injuries in a head-on crash in the early hours of the morning, while he was driving home from work.

His van was hit by a car on the wrong side of the road, with the resultant investigation concluding that the driver wrongly believed they were travelling on a dual rather than single carriageway…read more>>

Meet our Neurotrauma Team with Charlotte Johnston

What is your role at Sintons and how long have you been with the firm? 

I am a Trainee Solicitor currently in my 2nd training contract seat in the Neurotrauma team at Sintons. I have been with the firm for two years now, having joined in May 2019 as a Paralegal prior to the commencement of my training contract.

Tell us about your career to date…

I initially studied an undergraduate degree in Criminology at Northumbria University before completing my GDL and LPC at the University of Law in Leeds. Upon graduating from the University of Law I started my career working at a firm in Durham before securing my training contract at Sintons…read more >>

Meet our Neurotrauma Team with Christopher Spoors

What is your role at Sintons and how long have you been with the firm?

I am a senior litigator in the Neurotrauma team specialising in cases involving brain and spinal cord injuries and have been with Sintons since November 2014.

Tell us about your career to date…

I started working in the legal profession as a paralegal without pay during the resettlement phase following a 10-year career in the Royal Navy. I then secured a permanent role and played a key part in establishing a personal injury department in a conveyancing firm. After gaining further experience, I relocated in 2013 and joined a Legal 500 ranked firm in Newcastle, before joining Sintons…read more >>

Settlement for mother injured at tourist attraction

A woman who sustained a permanent ankle injury when an unsafe surface caused her to fall at a tourist attraction has settled her case with the support of Sintons.

The woman was injured in March 2017 while on a day out with her family including her two young daughters. She was carrying her youngest daughter, while following the eldest, when she slipped while walking down a bund which encircled the play area…read more >>

Meet our Neurotrauma Team with Nicki Waugh

What is your role at Sintons and how long have you been with the firm?

I am a Solicitor in the Neurotrauma team and have been with Sintons for coming up to 18 months.

Tell us about your career to date…

I graduated with a law degree in 2001 and spent a few years working in paralegal roles. In 2003 I moved from my native Sheffield to Newcastle and joined Thompsons Solicitors, the largest trade union law firm in the country. I worked there for 17 years and during that time I undertook further periods of study, firstly qualifying as a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives and then as a Solicitor in 2014. I also got married and started my family during these years…read more >>

Meet our Neurotrauma Team with Sarah Askew

What is your role at Sintons and how long have you been with the firm? 

I am a solicitor in the Neurotrauma department at Sintons. I have been a member of the team supporting clients who have sustained traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries since 2019.

Tell us about your career to date…

I graduated from the University of Leeds with 2:I in English Law and Australian Legal Studies. My degree included a year studying in Australia. During this year, not only did I get to travel a lot, but I also worked as an Intern for The Parliament of Queensland and studied Equality and Discrimination Law…read more >>

Meet our Neurotrauma Team with Hannah Fitzpatrick

What is your role at Sintons and how long have you been with the firm? 

I joined Sintons in April this year – I am an associate solicitor in the firm’s Neurotrauma team.

Tell us about your career to date…

I’ve worked in personal injury for all of my legal career. I’ve represented clients in a wide range of personal injury cases, from those injured in road traffic accidents to children who have suffered brain injuries as a result of birth trauma…read more >>

Meet our Neurotrauma Team with Rachael Jobson

What is your role at Sintons and how long have you been with the firm? 

I work in our serious injury team specialising in brain and spinal cord injuries and have been with Sintons for 11 years.

Tell us about your career to date…

I joined Sintons’ personal injury department when I was 2 years qualified. I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most well-known and well-respected solicitors in the field for personal and serious injury and have been lucky to develop my career alongside them. I joined the serious injury team 3 years ago and was part of the team that have developed Sintons’ serious injury team into one of the most respected in their field…read more >>

Factory worker secures settlement with support from Sintons

A factory worker who was injured in an incident where she was retrieving goods from height has secured a settlement with support from Sintons.

The woman worked as a picker who brought down packs of postcards from warehouse shelves, high volume work performed at speed.

She was asked to retrieve postcards stored at the back of a top shelf and climbed the shelving to reach…read more >>

Meet our Neurotrauma Team with Alastair Elliot

Tell us about your career to date…

Having finished law school, my first legal role was on “the dark side”, working for a firm defending tobacco litigation group actions. I quickly saw the light however and have worked as a claimant Personal Injury solicitor for over 18 years. I lived in Bristol for 15 years and trained and qualified with a firm in Cheltenham before working for a national PI practice in Bristol. I returned to my native North East in 2012 and since then have worked for a number of regional and national practices, always within Claimant PI. At the outset of my career I worked predominantly with clients who had sustained injuries in the workplace, particularly industrial diseases, but in the last 10 years my work has principally been in the field of serious injuries…read more >>

Meet our Neurotrauma Team with Kate Oliver

What is your role at Sintons and how long have you been with the firm? 

I am a Partner in the Personal Injury department specialising in life changing injury claims. I joined Sintons in September 2008.

Tell us about your career to date…

I have always lived and worked in the North East, although my work takes me across England and Wales to see clients. I joined Sintons after working at 2 other law firms. I became an Associate in October 2009 and Partner in February 2012. I was recognised as a brain injury specialist by APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) in 2018…read more >>

The importance of choosing a specialist solicitor

“I think if you’re unlucky enough to need to instruct a solicitor to make a claim, I’d say be sure you’re appointing a specialist. I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through what I went through.”

For this client, who was seriously injured in a road incident, the outcome would be very different had she not changed her legal representation mid-way through her claim.

Almost three years after instructing her initial solicitor to handle her serious injury claim, having sustained a series of injuries – including a brain injury and serious facial injuries – when a car in which she was a passenger smashed into a tree in October 2017, her claim had not progressed…read more >>

Magnificent Seven saddle up again for Day One

Sintons’ Magnificent Seven are getting back on their bikes to raise yet more vital funds for a charity which supports patients and families who have been affected by major trauma.

And this year, Sintons will be joined by a team of cyclists from Parklane Plowden Chambers.

The team of seven cyclists from Sintons and those from Parklane Plowden Chambers are committing to ride a minimum of 75 miles each, during the first week of July in support of Day Oneread more >>

Meet our Neurotrauma Team with Mark Quigley

What is your role at Sintons and how long have you been with the firm? 

I joined Sintons in 2005. I am the Head of Personal Injury at the firm.

Tell us about your career to date…

I came to the profession a little later than some as, having completed a Masters in Industrial Relations, I spent a few years working at a Trade Union where I developed an interest in workplace health and safety. I trained with a firm who acted for members of Trade Unions and represented people who sustained injury at work through trauma and industrial disease. After 14 years with that firm, I wanted to be part of a larger organisation and to focus on providing advice and support to those who have sustained life-changing injuries, hence my move to Sintons…read more >>

Head injuries in sport

As a specialist brain injury solicitor, as well as the mum of a young rugby player, I’m really pleased to see the recent movement towards taking head injury in sport more seriously.

Due to the unseen nature of concussion, often its impact can be overlooked. Whether you’re playing sport at grassroots or professional level, the approach has too often been a cursory check after head injury and if the player feels fine, is left to continue…read more >>

Sintons strengthens neurotrauma team

The nationally renowned Neurotrauma team at Sintons has been strengthened further through its latest senior appointment.

Alastair Elliot has been qualified as a solicitor for over 18 years and over the past 10 years has gained significant experience in acting for people who have suffered serious injuries, including extensive experience of supporting clients across the UK with brain and spinal injuries.

Senior associate Alastair joins Sintons from Irwin Mitchell, having spent his career working at several leading national personal injury law firms…read more >>

The Rehabilitation Code

In episode one of our podcast series from the neurotrauma team at Sintons, head of personal injury Mark Quigley discusses the Rehabilitation Code…read more >>

Limitation – Timing is Everything

This morning the Supreme Court handed down its judgment in Matthew and Others (Appellants) – v – Sedman and Others (Respondents) UKSC 2019/0080, providing clarification on the issue of calculating limitation periods.

Limitation is the deadline by which a claim must be filed with the Court.

The Supreme Court was asked to decide the fundamental question of:

where a cause of action (a claim) that occurs at midnight at the end of a day – does the clock start running for limitation purposes on the immediately following day (i.e. at 00:01 am) for calculating a limitation period…read more>>

Sintons supports Action for Brain Injury Week 2021

Law firm Sintons is throwing its support behind a national campaign to shine a light on social isolation after brain injury.

Isolation is something that affects many brain injury survivors, with the effects of brain injury, such as problems with memory, information processing, or speech, compounded by a lack of understanding of this often hidden disability, often leaving survivors lacking the confidence to interact with society…read more >>

HGV driver secures six-figure settlement with support from Sintons

An HGV driver who was forced to have his thumb amputated after trying to fix a problem with his lorry has secured a six-figure settlement with support from Sintons.

The man, who drove a concrete mixer, was injured while trying to reattach part of its frame, which had become partially detached and made the vehicle unsuitable for road use.

In doing so, his left hand became trapped between the frame and the rotating drum of the mixer. The incident caused a partial amputation of his left thumb – which could not be saved, despite attempts to reattach it through surgery, and had to be amputated at the joint – alongside serious lacerations to the rest of his left hand…read more>>

Sintons secures six-figure settlement

A cyclist left seriously injured when he was hit by a car has secured a six-figure settlement with support from Sintons.

The man was knocked off his bike and thrown over the bonnet of the car while negotiating a roundabout, leaving him with a catalogue of injuries including a traumatic brain injury, fractured temporal bone and a fractured collarbone.

Alongside the physical injuries, the cyclist also experienced significant psychological trauma, alongside cognitive impairment, memory issues, headaches, dizziness and tinnitus…read more>>

Neurotrauma specialist joins Sintons

A leading lawyer who specialises in life-changing injury work has joined Sintons, adding further strength to its nationally-renowned Neurotrauma team.

Hannah Fitzpatrick is an experienced serious injury lawyer who has handled cases from across the country in matters ranging from fatal road collisions to complex neurological injuries.

Hailed as an Associate to Watch by Chambers for the past two years, the independent legal guide praised her “amazing technical knowledge and understanding nature”…read more>>

‘Montreal Convention’ case settled after airport incident

A passenger who sustained several injuries after falling while preparing to board an aeroplane back to the UK following an overseas holiday has settled her case with support from Sintons.

The woman was returning from Greece when she was injured at Heraklion International Airport. As she was walking from the terminal to the shuttle bus to take her to the aircraft, her left foot and leg went down an uncovered hole…read more>>

Sintons secures settlement following workplace accident

A man left with significant burns after a workplace incident has secured a settlement from his employer with support from Sintons.

The engineering worker was injured at work while fixing a pump machine when another member of staff accessed the area and stepped onto the welding cable, which in turn ignited a can of WD40, sending an arc of flame shooting towards the Claimant…read more>>

Woman injured in fall secures settlement with support from Sintons

A woman who suffered injuries to both ankles after falling in an unlit car park has secured a settlement with support from Sintons.

The incident, in March 2018, occurred when the woman was attending an engagement party at a venue in the south of England. Having left to give a friend a lift home, on her return at around 10.30pm, she was required to walk across the unlit car park and tripped on a raised kerb stone…read more>>

Mince Pie Morning held in aid of Headway

A leading figure in the world of rehabilitation will be sharing her experiences of the vital work of Headway in an awareness-raising initiative organised by law firm Sintons.

Kate Heward has worked closely with the brain injury charity for many years in her role as a specialist neurological occupational therapist, and has also fundraised for them extensively…read more>>

Injured cyclist calls for more tolerance of vulnerable road users

A cyclist left seriously injured after being knocked off his bike is calling for the roads to be made a safer place with better relationships between motorists and riders to avoid a ‘them and us’ mentality which can pose significant risks to vulnerable road users.

Craig Goff-Cooper has called for more to be done to increase awareness of the dangers faced by cyclists on the roads, in light of the significant increase in accidents during the COVID-19 pandemic…read more >>

Road Safety Week – Podcast Two

In support of Brake and Road Safety Week 2020 which is being held this week (16th to the 22nd of November), we have recorded two podcasts where we discuss the vulnerable road user – the cyclist.

Our speakers include Phil Davison, Head of the General Personal Injury Department at Sintons, David Pritchard, Head of Marketing at Sintons and special guest speaker Craig Goff-Cooper who is the owner of Ride Electric. For those of you who don’t know, Ride Electric is a North East based specialist company bringing the phenomenon of the electric bike directly to the market… read more >>

Road Safety Week – Podcast One

In support of Brake and Road Safety Week 2020 which is being held this week (16th to the 22nd of November), we have recorded two podcasts where we discuss the vulnerable road user – the cyclist.

Our speakers include Phil Davison, Head of the General Personal Injury Department at Sintons, David Pritchard, Head of Marketing at Sintons and special guest speaker Craig Goff-Cooper who is the owner of Ride Electric. For those of you who don’t know, Ride Electric is a North East based specialist company bringing the phenomenon of the electric bike directly to the market…read more >>


Injured cyclist supports Road Safety Week

A cyclist who was left seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident is lending his support to Road Safety Week and is championing law firm Sintons’ efforts to highlight the dangers faced by vulnerable road users

Craig Goff-Cooper suffered a fractured skull when he was knocked off his bike in an incident in Tynemouth in July last year…read more>>

Senior Litigator calls for better regulation around the beauty industry

Better regulation is needed around the beauty industry to ensure that, in the unfortunate event of injury, a proper process can be followed to protect both the injured party and the business itself.

While it is advisable for businesses operating in the beauty industry to hold Public Liability Insurance, it is not obligatory – and that is where the problems originate.

Through not having Public Liability Insurance in place, a salon will have to find its own means to cover the cost of any claims that are made, in the event that any client suffers injury. This not only puts the business at risk but means it becomes much harder for the injured person to recover a reasonable level of compensation.

While injuries from beauty treatments are thankfully not an everyday occurrence, they are probably more commonplace than many would imagine. Currently, I am pursuing 6 claims of this kind…read more>>