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Meet the Teams | COVID-19 | Sintons | Debt Recovery

Businesses and individuals are being supported in collecting debts by specialists at law firm Sintons, in what can often be crucial interventions in ensuring their financial sustainability.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses of all sizes – from significant employers to sole traders – are seeking to recover debts as a priority, as many battle to keep cash flow going to ensure they make it through the uncertain weeks and months ahead.

While debts are often proving difficult to recover at present, with many debtors seeking to protect their own financial position, the specialist debt recovery team at Sintons has been working with businesses across the North East to help them find a solution.

The growing team, which is recommended by Legal 500 for its expertise and ability to handle high volumes of cases, has a long track record of collecting debts for its clients in an efficient and prompt manner.

As a firm, Sintons remains open for business as usual, and while the debt team are home-based in accordance with Government advice, they remain contactable and are making use of technology, including videoconferencing, to help deliver the outstanding personal service for which it is renowned.

Allison Thompson, head of debt recovery at Sintons, said: “This is a hugely challenging time for businesses and for many, as part of their plans to get through the next few months, they are looking to recover what they are owed. This can be a difficult process at any time, but the current economic conditions mean that many debtors may try and put off paying for as long as possible.

“Our team are highly experienced and we do a great job for our clients. We collect debts but are always mindful of additional circumstances, such as trying to preserve relationships if the debt is with a longstanding or important client. We are assisting many businesses at present to collect what could well be funds that are crucial to them getting through these difficult times ahead, and we would urge any business owner in such a situation to get in touch.”

Meet the Teams | COVID-19 | Sintons | Employment

Employers throughout the North of England are turning to the specialist employment team at Sintons as they negotiate their way through the fast-changing COVID-19 pandemic.

Through the economic crisis caused by the global pandemic, businesses and organisations are facing unprecedented challenges.

As a result of Government interventions to businesses, alongside ‘stay at home’ advice, organisations across the country are facing their own unique challenges. From companies having to put their staff on furlough leave due to a steep decline in business, or having to introduce working from home policies, or otherwise being forced to close down temporarily, many are experiencing hugely difficult times. Others, however, such as those in care or ‘essential’ retail, are having to recruit significantly to keep up with surging demand, or adopt new policies for existing staff members.

During such turbulent times, both employers and employees alike are left with many questions about their rights and obligations, what course of action might be best for them, and how they are best to go about doing so.

While the Government has introduced a range of measures to protect and support businesses during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, such as the Job Protection Scheme, which will meet 80% of salaries for those employees on furlough leave, up to a maximum of £2,500 a month, the practicalities of a business implementing this is often an area of uncertainty.

The specialist employment team at Sintons – one of the leading advisors in its field in the North of England, which is regularly hailed by Legal 500 and Chambers independent legal guides alike – has supported scores of businesses and organisations with their employment work for many years, but demand for its specialist advice is surging at present, as employers try to keep pace with fast-changing developments.

Sintons’ specialist team works largely across the North with organisations from a wide range of sectors and combines long-held relationships with longstanding clients with increasing levels of new instructions from businesses coming to Sintons based on its reputation of delivering clear, direct, first-rate legal advice and outstanding client service.

Keith Land, head of employment at Sintons, is regularly hailed as being one of the leading employment lawyers in the North and was recently praised by Legal 500 and Chambers alike for his ability to give clarity even in the most complex of situations.

“We have seen a huge increase in demand over the past few weeks from employers and employees alike, but particularly from businesses and organisations for whom this situation is wholly unknown and they are unsure how to proceed. The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting challenges to businesses on a daily basis and the past few weeks have probably been the most difficult many business owners have ever experienced. These are unprecedented times for employers and employees alike and the levels of uncertainty are undoubtedly causing concern,” he said.

“The idea of the economy coming to a halt, with businesses having to close down – for most as a temporary measure, but sadly for others, that will be on a permanent basis – and employees having to be put onto furlough leave is something few would have believed possible in January, let alone this time last year, but nevertheless, this is the reality we face, and we are using our experience and expertise to support businesses through the weeks and months ahead.

“Our expert team is continually on top of the latest developments and Government advice, and ensures our clients are equipped with the knowledge and advice they need to protect their business and the jobs of their employees (as far as possible). As challenging as the outlook may seem, getting the best advice can make a big difference in being able to deal with what lies ahead. We would urge anyone with any uncertainty at all about their obligations, rights or duties, as an employer or employee, to get in touch.”